As the baby grows, your needs change and we must be prepared to offer the best food and achieve a balanced development, maintaining our babies healthy and happy.

The apothecary at home offer a wide range and the best deals to make your baby grow and develop properly.

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Novalac Premium 1 800 Grs

Price €15.35

Novalac 1 Premium milk is indicated for the development of babies from 0-6 months, at the discretion of the pediatrician, and especially: as a complement to breastfeeding, as a breastfeeding release...

Novalac Premium 2 800 Grs

Price €12.40

Infant milk designed following the latest advances in infant milk that helps protect the baby's immune system. It incorporates prebiotics (GOS), LC-PUFAs (DHA+ARA), nucleotides and taurine.

Blemil Plus 2 Forte 800 Grs

Price €16.45

Blemil Plus 2 Forte is the following milk with the closest nutritional profile to breast milk. It helps the correct cognitive and immune development of the infant. We offer the best online deals on...