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There are many complementary products that can help you take care of your baby and that provide both to him and to you comfort and well-being. Here is a wide range available to you.

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Suavinex dosing powdered milk

Price €5.40

Thanks to its four compartments separate, interchangeable and stackable, it allows to organize milk powder and cereal easily. With a comfortable mouthpiece for pouring the milk without leaking it. With fun colors....

Dr. Browns Bottle 0 BPA PP...

Price €9.05

It is preferred by moms and dads around the world for its patented ventilation system that helps reduce feeding problems such as colic. Now, a first-of-its-kind college* study to measure nutrient levels in breast...


Price €4.20

NUK FIRST CHOICE teats systematically combine the anatomical benefits of the NUK shape with the feeling of being in the maternal breast. Get a very similar to breastfeeding feeding pattern.