There are many complementary products that can help you take care of your baby and that provide both to him and to you comfort and well-being. Here is a wide range available to you.

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Price €31.25

Harmony manual pump is the only manual extractor which is based on technology 2-Phase Expression: Technology 2-Phase Expression is based on the baby's natural sucking rhythm: fast movements of stimulation are...

ACOFAR CARE scissors

Price €3.20

Acofarcare scissors, are perfect for the careful and impeccable care of the cuticles and nails. Its sharp sharpness of the leaves ensures high precision in manicure and pedicure.


Price €8.25

Price of €8.65. Spare parts disposable soft comfort Narhinel used with the vacuum cleaner Narhinel comfort - Rhinomer Baby are very hygienic and facilitate the removal of mucus, preventing complications such as...