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We know that nothing is comparable to breast milk, but for some women, breastfeeding is impossible or simply combine both types of food.

In these cases, and always under the supervision of a pediatrician, there is a wide range of possibilities to feed to the baby during the first months of life, and we offer the best price.

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Novalac Premium 1 800 Grs

Price €15.35

Novalac 1 Premium milk is indicated for the development of babies from 0-6 months, at the discretion of the pediatrician, and especially: as a complement to breastfeeding, as a breastfeeding release...

Nestle Nan Ha 1 Expert 800 Grs

Price €16.90

RPV 17.90 . It is an inset infant milk enriched with Bífidobacterium Lactis (bl bifidus) that has immune characteristics closer to those of breast milk, thus facilitating its digestion and helping to avoid the


Price €12.30

RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE: €12,50. For infants in good health since the first day, when it is necessary to supplement or replace breast milk. It reinforces the colonization of the intestinal flora in...