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In the development of the baby we can find many situations and special cases for each one of them in the market there is a solution, for example the follow-on milk therapeutic, that is used in children who have a certain predisposition to suffer from allergies to milk or other food conditions.

There are also special products which are used when the child has problems of weight, or on specific occasions. They should always be used on the recommendation of a pediatrician.

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Blemil Plus 2 Ae 800 gr

Price €19.10

Thanks to its composition, Blemil plus 2 AE favors an increase in the frequency of bowel movements, helps to decrease their consistency and improve accompanying symptomatology favoring the reduction...

BLEMIL PLUS Comfort 800g

Price €22.80

It is a dietary food intended for a panel consisting of infants, and can be consumed as the only source of food from birth to the 6th month, and later as part of a diversified diet. Its infant...


Price €13.29

It has a pleasant taste and is easily dissolved. Adapted to all the recommendations of the ESPGHAN. Dietetic food intended for special medical purposes. Formula lactose indicated from day one.

Almiron Advance 1 Ar milk...

Price €22.36

PVP: €21.75. Milk for infants for the dietetic treatment of regurgitation. It effectively reduces the regurgitation, since it contains a thickener that ensures that what the baby swallow remains in...

Almiron Advance 2 Milk...

Price €18.42

Effectively reduces regurgitation by containing a scallat that ensures that what the baby ingests remains in his digestive system and reduces the risk of reflux. It will be used exclusively under medical control.