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Leti At4 Facial Cream...

Price €10.95

Facial moisturizer that protects atopic, dry and sensitive skin from daily aggressions (dryness, irritations, free radicals and contamination) and strengthens the skin's defenses, with protection factor 20.

LETI at-4 75 Gr water paste

Price €10.00

It is a specific formula for dermo-repair the gluteal skin care of the newborn and baby with delicate or atopic skin. Its innovative formula to combat the main causes of skin irritation, irritation...

Leti At4 Body Milk 500 Ml

Price €24.45

It is indicated for infants from the age of one with atopic, dry and sensitive skin. Children and adults with atopic, dry and sensitive skin. Adults with hyperreactive and senile skins. Especially...