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Breast pump

The pump is a very practical for breastfeeding women. This instrument allows you to which can empty the breasts and place on bottle milk which surely you can allow another to give, or not spilling on you constantly.

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Price €114.50

Extract the milk in a silent and unobtrusive way. Swing electric breast pump combines a design several times awarded with the latest technology. The electric pump is very quiet and is therefore the ideal solution for...

Suavinex Sacaleches

Price €6.30

It adapts perfectly to the mother's chest thanks to its anatomical shape. Remove any excess milk without conserving it. Composed of a cup attached to a vacuum pear, sterilable in cold.

Compact single electric...

Price €75.80

The Extractor electric single compact Lansinoh is full of power, but at the same time is small, light and easy to carry when you leave home Its two-stage technology mimics the natural pattern of feeding the baby...