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In this category you will find enough material to keep beautiful and manicured feet and hands.

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Beter brush nail double...

Price €2.75

Its ergonomic design allows a thorough cleaning of the nail in a comfortable way. Consists of 2 faces: one with barbed nylon short and extra hardness and the other with longer spikes of medium hardness.

Beter Clipper manicure with...

Price €2.25

Manufactured in steel and high quality sharpening ensures a firm and precise cut. Designed to cut the nails of the hands of easy and comfortable way. Its curved cutting angle respects the natural shape of your nails.

Beter scissors sewing...

Price €8.05

Forging and sharpening of high quality. It is a useful multifunction tool for cutting fabrics and threads of work and embroidery as well as paper, cardboard or belongings of the first aid kit.