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Acne is a disorder of the increasingly frequent skin which, in addition to very unpleasant symptoms, can affect the image and affect self-esteem. In addition to adolescence also appears in adulthood and more or less important complications.

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Avene Triacnel 30 Ml.

Price €18.10

Triacneal is a non-greasy and matifying emulsion. After 2 months of use, the grains are less numerous and the scars visibly attenuated. The skin grain is regular, the skin is smooth and crisp.

Acofarderm cream...

Price €7.15

It is specially developed to hydrate the skin in a balanced way and helping to control excess fat. Used after cleansing the face with Acofarderm purifying cleansing gel.

NeoStrata SaliZinc Gel

Price €22.20

It has an exfoliating and renewing action thanks to the action of glycolic and salicylic acids, and astringent, lightening and seborreregulatory activities that provide zinc and niacinamide.