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Cumlaude Gynelaude Mucus...

Price €7.94

It is a lubricant especially suitable for painful sex that occurs due to vaginal dryness, which causes an increase in symptoms of irritation and inflammation. Has a consistency similar to vaginal secretions

Muvagyn Centella Gel 8...

Price €15.05

Regenerating gel of the vaginal mucosa, which combines the Centella Asiatica, which favours the regeneration of wounds, and hyaluronic acid that moisturizes the skin in cases of inflammation, keeping it and protecting...

Myvagyn Gel 5 ml 8 tubes

Price €13.45

Non-hormonal vaginal moisturising gel-based sodium hyaluronate, isoflavones aglycones of soy and Red clover for the protection and hydration intimate when dryness in the vagina causes discomfort and inconvenience.