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Aloclair Plus Spray 15ml

Price €8.60

Aloclair Plus Gel acts by forming a protective film in the oral cavity that covers the exposed nerve endings of the lesion (canker sores), thus avoiding subsequent irritations and reducing pain.  The...

Dislipen 30 Tablets

Price €9.90

It is a dietary supplement with Vitamin C and Citrus bergamia Risso&Poit extract, standardized fruit with high flavonoid content. It is given as gastro-resistant tablets. Supplement to...

Flavia Nocta 30 capsules

Price €14.35

Nutritious supplement made with isoflavones from soy, melatonin, vitamins, minerals, and alpha-linolenic acid. It helps to meet the nutritional needs of women during menopause. It reduces the time that it takes to...