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Biopel cream 50 Ml

Price €7.20

Due to its emollient, softening and soothing action, is also very suitable on different problems of adult skin: irritation and irritation, for example, those produced by the Sun, such as lip balm, roughness and...

Kalamina lotion 125 ml Sanofi.

Price €7.67

Kalamina lotion skin irritated 125 ml is a lotion with protective properties of skin, indicated for the relief of itching and itching in irritated skin. Kalamina lotion skin irritated 125 ml serves as soothing and...


Price €5.15

Protective, soothing and refreshing properties has been developed to respect the integrity of the baby's skin. The name calamine drying action is potentiated by the astringent action of the extract of herbs spices